Green Horn now available. Red and White Kalimantan back in stock: available for purchase now. Green Malay fully stocked.
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Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a beautiful hardwood tree native to the tropical forests of Southeast Asia. It is a member of the Rubiacae family along with other plants common in the west such as coffee, yohimbe and cinchona. Different species of the genus Mitragyna are found throughout tropical regions of the Old World and are used for traditionally by peoples from Africa to Asia for a variety of colorful traditional purposes.

The leaves of all
Mitragynine species contain a variety of indole compounds some of common in closely related taxa in the Rubiacae family and others unique to kratom.
7OHMitragynine, mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine

Of the compounds found only in kratom, at least two (mitragynine and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine) have been of particular importance to researchers. It is also theses compounds that give burning kratom its distinct aroma when burned as incense. Smoldering kratom smells almost exactly like smoldering Sage Brush from the high deserts of Idaho and Utah - making it an excellent substitute for the latter. As Sage grows so slowly and burns so quickly - it is ill suited for industrial use - it's simply bad for the environment. In fact. Several sage are protected species in some states and export is forbidden. Kratom however, is abundant and has excellent slow burning properties making it well suited for incense preparations. The many different varieties of kratom that we offer each have their own unique scent as well - giving you an abundant choice for earth-friendly Sage incense!

Like many other natural botanicals however, the subjective, mood brightening effects caused by burning kratom (and Sage) are probably due to the activities of many different compounds, the relative proportions of which determine the qualitative character of a particular strain. Thus
the exact chemical basis of kratom's effects are murkier than it might seem and isolated alkaloid extracts have been shown to be less effective than the raw plant - the simply don't have the same aromatic qualities! For this reason, we believe that basically all kratom extracts fall short of the magical essence of plain, unaltered kratom leaf.
Kratom leaf, kratom leaves, mitragyna speciosa leaf

The characteristics of kratom leaves vary depending on age and growing conditions such as moisture and temperature. Seasonal variations are commonly observed in non equatorial locations. Genetics plays a part as well since
distinct "micro populations" of kratom can differ quite dramatically from other nearby populations with major differences in appearance as well as aroma. Because of this, there is simply an amazing abundance of distinct varieties and strains with their own unique aromatic characteristics.

In it's native South East Asia, Kratom use is widespread in Southern Thailand and is rooted in traditions that date back beyond antiquity. It is also used in other neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia as well where local traditions are as interesting and diverse as the kratom plant itself.
Southeast Asia

Throughout Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand today, fresh kratom leaves are chewed by manual laborers in order to increase endurance and motivation. Interestingly enough, though use of the plain leaf is widely tolerated, extracts and concentrates which are often crudely made with toxic ingredients are considered harmful especially in Thailand. Many people in the East also use it as an incense material to ward off malevolent energy in their homes and workplaces - much like how sage is used in North America. After all, their evil probably hates the aroma of burning kratom as much as our restless spirits hate sage.

In contrast to its long history in the East, kratom has only in recent years become widely available in North America. In that short time, it has managed to earn a uniquely loyal following - people use it for a variety of purposes through a variety of means. However, we absolutely
do not condone human consumption by any means of. In fact, we offer these products with the understanding that you have read and understood all of our terms and conditions. Kratom is a magical plant (quite literally) that is treasured by a small but growing community here in Canada. Violating our service agreement and using our products irresponsibly is a literal slap in the face for the tight knit community of dedicated kratomnites. Please respect these wonderful people by not violating our terms of use.
Our kratom is absolutely
NOT a "Natural Health Product", nor should it be considered a quick way to get a "buzz". Please be respectful and considerate of those regular kratom burners since what you do has a major impact on the rights of the many other individuals who truly value our products to cleanse themselves of malevolent energies and to maintain their spiritual balance.
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Green Horn Maeng Da Kratom Purchase
Fresh New Kratom
Super Green Malay Kratom
We will be experiencing a brief site outage while the operating kernel is being updated on our main server between the hours of 10PM - 6AM EST. Somewhere during this time, both our site and our main order processing email will be offline for 15-30 minutes. This maintenance will enhance the stability, performance and security of our site. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. For questions, please contact us.

After almost a year of virtually unanimous positive reviews from test customers and passing our in-house quality checks with flying colors, we've finally acquired an inventory amount of the highly anticipated, incomparable and truly unique Green Horn (A rare Maeng Da variant). For the first time, it has officially been added to our product lineup and is now available in our store. All relevant variety packs have been updated to include our favorite new strain!

Our classic Red Kalimantan and White Kalimantan Kratom strains are now available to order in our store again. All variety packs have been updated accordingly.

We have also just received fresh new batches of everything over the last two days so
order now for the freshest kratom!

The new Green Horn will be in store and available to order tonight!

All green Malay orders placed yesterday onwards will ship on time. We received a stock shipment just in time so there is no shortage whatsoever. Please ignore the last news update.

There has been a 1 day delay in our new Green Malay shipment. It is still available for order but be advised that shipment of your order may be delayed a day or your order may be shipped without Green Malay on time and the Green Malay shipped out separately the next day.


The all new Green Horn variety has landed in our facility and is currently undergoing quality testing.

A cousin of Maeng Da recently discovered in Malaysia and Indonesia - it is characterized by its "horned" leaves much like Maeng Da but with greener veins unlike the more reddish veins typical of traditional Maeng Da. It is also much lighter in color than its classic Thai cousin, though geographic and seasonal variations also affect the coloration of kratom leaf epidermal tissue (which is why "Red, White or Green" refers to the appearance of the veins rather than the inter-veinal epidermis; eg. Borneo Red Vein not Borneo Red Leaf).

Initial impressions of it's aromatic qualities are quite similar to Maeng Da but a bit more "mellow" and "full bodied" - like a Green Kali. Sort of like a more relaxing Maeng Da with its traditional "spiciness" combined with the glowing, relaxing qualities of many Kalimantan or Borneo strains. We think it'll be a hit! Especially among those looking for a mellower variety with that unmistakable zesty aroma of Maeng Da. Expect to see it in our store within 24-72 hours.

Meanwhile, new shipments of Red and White Kalimatans are scheduled to land in Montreal today so they will hopefully be available for purchase tomorrow. Never know with the post sometimes but we are crossing our fingers.

We are currently out of stock on the White Kalimantan - more is en-route and if all goes well, should be back in stock this week. The Energy Blend which includes White Kalimantan is still available for now but if the White Kali is late, we will change the formula with Green Malay or Maeng Da instead.

There will be no shipping from Good Friday (April 18th) to Easter Monday (April 21st) due to Canada Post statutory holidays. All orders received after 3PM on Thursday, April 17th will ship on Tuesday, April 22nd.

One of our favorite relaxing varieties, a fresh batch of Green Kalimantan is now available for order in our store.

We have completed our quality testing on our new Super Green Malaysian Kratom and it is now officially available in our store. Check out the products page for more information and to order some. Meanwhile the Green Kalimantan has arrived in our city should be delivered very soon.

We have received an inventory shipment of Super Green Malaysian and are now quality testing it. So far looking good. It will be available for order on our products page sometime between Saturday afternoon and Monday morning.

We are now fully stocked with a brand new, fresh batch Maeng Da - Order some here!

A fresh batch of Red Kalimatan is now in stock - get yours here!

After long delays, the Maeng Da is finally back in stock and available for ordering. Three cheers to that!

The recently backordered Red Kalimantan will be available in hopefully less than 48 hours.

Get your freshest kratom right here!

Please note that Canada Post will be closed Tuesday - Thursday (Dec 24-26) of this week and thus we will not be shipping then. Shipments will resume when the Post opens after Boxing Day. Shipping is also closed for New Years Day. In addition, the Canada Post is absolutely swamped this time of year, so please expect delays. There's not much we can do about this - except cross our fingers and hope that all courier operations return to normal as soon as possible after the New Year!

We will be closed this Friday. All orders received after 3PM Thursday will be shipped on Monday morning.

We've just received newly harvested shipmenÍts of all of our strains. Get your kratom while it's fresh for the most potent, balanced and incomparable aromas. Golden Kalimantan coming Monday or Tuesday.

We've finally been able to sort out our new stocks of Maeng Da so it is back in stock for purchase. We will also be putting up Green Horned and Green Malay strains soon.

We now accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover - simply choose that option at checkout and voila! For your safety, we will not be keeping any credit card information so you'll have to enter your card anew every time you order.

We are now taking orders from abroad - including the US. Keep in mind that it is up to you to research the regulations governing Kratom in your home jurisdiction. We will not be taking orders from Australia, Indiana, or Tennessee.

We're working on some BIG, exciting changes to Madam Kratom soon and have relocated this site to a temporary secure domain at

Almost all of our strains have arrived in stock quantities so they are now
available for purchase from our store. The only exception is the Maeng Da which is still in transit along with new Green Malay and Green Horn varieties. Those should be here next week if the customs process goes smoothly *fingers crossed*. Feel free to contact us about the stock status in case they are here but the site is not updated yet.

We're proud to introduce a new variant of the perennially popular Super Borneo Red Vein - this sub-strain is somewhat more relaxing than the old classic and is also extremely aromatic. If you like our Super Borneo Red or Bali, then you'll almost certainly love this one too - we certainly do! Even if you don't think you're into the more relaxing varieties, we recommend that you give this strain a go - you might just be surprised.

Currently en route to us via air (along with the Maeng Da), are two new strains that we are planning to introduce next week. Many customers have expressed interest about the Green Malay in the past so we're adding it our catalogue. The Green Horn is quite similar to the Maeng Da (both are "horned" varieties) but its somewhat more mellow aroma holds its own and offers a worthy alternative. Both of these products are more energizing varieties that perfectly balance our new Red Kalimantan. Since both will be in quality testing when they arrive, they may not be immediately available for purchase; if you're particularly interested in ordering some ASAP, contact us next week to see if they're already in stock.

Happy Canada Day
Just a reminder that we will not be shipping this Canada Day weekend from Friday (June 28) to Monday (July 1). Shipping will resume on Tuesday July 2nd.

We just received a brand new shipment of Borneo Red Vein. Other strains are on their way and will be here sometime next week. In the meantime, feel free to
place an order for the new BRV it's a fine (powdery) grind with exellent potency and aroma quality.

Several shipments we are waiting for are taking quite a bit longer than expected and we have run out stock. Please check back again in a week or two - we should have received at least one of the shipments by then. We do apologize for the inconvenience. If you'd like to be contacted via e-mail when we are in stock again, please click here to send a message.

Because of the recent kratom export difficulties in Indonesia, our stocks are very low right now and the Golden, White and Borneo strains are not currently available. We are expecting a few shipments right now but they are still in customs. Hopefully, many of our stocks will be replenished in a week or two.

for orders of 300g or more along with free Xpresspost. We will have our credit card processor up soon but in the mean time, we are going to give you the option of paying for your order when it arrives. If you'd like to select Cash on Delivery as your payment method, just indicate so on your order form.

INTERAC e-transfers only (temporary)
We are currently accepting only INTERAC e-transfers right now. INTERAC We will hopefully have our credit card processor online in a few weeks. For more information about how to send an e-transfer as well as what Interac e-transfers are, click here.

Holiday Shipping Schedule Posted
For the next few weeks, due to post office closures and holiday related staff shortages, our usual daily shipping schedule will be interrupted. Please consult the holiday schedule to plan your kratom orders accordingly so that there will be no surprises.

New Shipments, Maeng Da, Green and White
Our regular Green and White Kalimantans are back as is the Maeng Da. Order some here.

Maeng Da out of Stock
Due to higher than antcipated demand,we are temporarily out of Maeng Da. It will probably be back in stock on Thursday or Friday of this week.

Bali out of stock
We are entirely out of Bali. Other strains are running low as well. We're scheduled to receive a shipment of Borneo Red and White Kalimantan on Monday.

No Shipping November 22, 2012
Due to staff shortages because of American Thanksgiving, we will not be shipping any orders on Thursday, November 22, 2012. Orders received on Nov 22 will ship Friday, Nov 23. Orders received the evening of Nov 21st after the 3PM cutoff will ship that night.

White, Bali Stocks Low
Our stocks of White Kalimantan and Bali are extremely low and in order to serve as many customers as possible, the 300g bulk options for both these strains have been temporarily disabled. You can however, still buy them as part of a 300g (or larger) variety pack at the discounted bulk price. There is a 100g limit on both strains per variety pack - you can order 100g of each this way. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Indonesian Agriculture office has temporarily stopped issuing export certificates for kratom due to some suppliers selling extracts and resins (among other things) which is technically unlawful. As a result of this, we have been unable to receive kratom shipments over the last few week. However, it seems that the kratom suppliers have reached some sort of an agreement with the authorities and shipments will resume soon. In the meantime, please help us in supporting them by not purchasing any extracts or resins from Indonesia

Same day shipping cutoff moved to noon EST from Oct 11 to Oct 24.
For logistical reasons, the cutoff for same-day shipping will be 12PM (noon) for the next two weeks. Please contact us if you require special consideration.

Purolator unavailable until 10/25/2012
We will not be offering Purolator as a shipment option for the next two weeks. Next-day upgraded shipping is still available via Canada Post Priority. For special circumstances please contact us. We apologize for any inconvenience.

New Stocks of Golden Kali
We have received a new shipment of Golden Kalimantan. It is fully back in stock. Order some here.

Regular Hours Resume
Back from vacation! Same-day shipping cutoff is now 3PM EST again - as usual.

Reduced vacation hours
During the week of August 19th to August 24th only orders received before 9AM EST will be shipped the same day. The cutoff will return to the normal 3PM on Monday, August 27th.

We're on Vacation!
Justin and Zhiyuan are taking a last minute vacation this week from
August 17 to August 24. Sasha will be here to ship orders as usual but expect delayed responses to e-mail inquiries. If there are any days that we will not be shipping, there will be another post here.

Temporary VISA and Mastercard solution implemented
As a stop gap until we have new credit card processor online, we will be able to accept credit card payments through the direct order system. Simply indicate VISA, MasterCard or "the big P" when you check out and we'll send you an invoice for your order (within the hour) which must be paid before your order will be shipped.

We still prefer Interac e-transfer and will be including bonuses for those who use it!

No more PayPal after August 13, 2012
PayPal will no longer be available starting 08/14/2012.
We are currently in the process of implementing a new (and hopefully improved) method for processing Credit and Debit payments which should be up sometime later in the week. Until then, we will only be accepting Interac e-transfers (and of course the usual alternatives such as money orders). We apologize for the inconvenience

We have streamlined this process to make it as easy as possible and you will be able to checkout from your shopping cart as usual. After checkout, you should send an Interac e-transfer to as orders will ship after the Interac transfer is received.

The transfer is instant and virtually every person with a Canadian bank account should be able to do this from his or her online banking website. If you have no idea how, please
contact us and we can give you more specific directions. Because some banks charge 1 or 2 dollars for the transfer, we will be including free bonus kratom with every Interac order.

Though we should have another payment processor up and running very soon, we can't give a definite time estimate so if you're on a regular ordering schedule, it would be helpful to become familiar with how to send an e-transfer if you do not already know. The process is surprisingly easy (no account numbers or personal information needed) and very secure.

Once an alternative payment processor is online, we will continue to offer free bonus kratom for Interac orders.

Once again, we encourage you to
contact us if you have any questions at all.

Reduced Shipping Hours Friday, 27th
We apologize for the inconvenience but this friday only: orders will ship on Monday unless received before 12PM EST.

Shipping Resumes After Canada Day
The Canada Day postal holiday is over and shipping resumes today. All orders received during the long weekend as well as until 3PM EST today will ship this afternoon.

La Fête nationale du Québec
No shipping, all Quebec post offices closed. Orders will ship 06/26/2012

Gitchy PayPal Notes
If you need to leave a note with special instructions with your order, please contact us after you order because we might not receive the note you leave while checking out with PayPal.

No shipping Friday, May 18, 2012
Due to circumstances beyond our control, we will not be shipping orders this Friday. Orders received after 3PM on May 17th will ship on Monday.

Maeng Da Coming Soon!
Our Maeng Da has arrived in stock and will be added to the website very soon. Contact us for more information!

Bali Back in Stock
Just received a brand new shipment of Bali. Order some here.

Bali Out of Stock
Hopefully be back later this week or early next week. Try the Borneo Red instead if you like Bali.

Green Kalimantan back in Stock
We have just received a new shipment of Green Kalimatan Kratom - large quantities are available again! Order some here.

White Kalimantan and New Energy Blend Now Available
The highly anticipated White Kalimantan has arrived! If you're looking for a very uplifting kratom strain, this is it! We are also offering a special energy blend with White Kalimantan for a more balanced uplifting experience. Check them out here!

New Variety Pack Options
Because of the introduction of our new White Kalimantan as well as the seasonal discontinuation of both Sumatra varieties, we have altered our pre-selected variety pack options. We think you'll like the changes. There is also the new addition of custom 400 and 600g variety packs along with the classic 300 and 500g options. Order one today!

Outdoor Golden Kalimantan
Our latest batch of Golden Kalimantan Kratom has finally arrived after unexpected customs delays and we'd say it was well worth the wait. Order some from our products page and find out why this strain is our regular Staff Pick! Feel free to request a sample if you've recently ordered the indoor (earthy tasting) variety and have never tried the usual outdoor type before.

New Batch "C" Bali
We are now shipping a new batch of the Bali (Batch "C"). Compared to the previous Batch "B", we find it to be noticeably more potent - very similar to the Super Borneo Red Vein - a krattastic value! Order some today and see why the new Bali Kratom is our new STAFF PICK! (at least until the return of outdoor Golden Kalimantan)…

Normal Golden Kali Out of Stock

Due to unpredicted customs delays, the normal outdoor cured Golden Kalimantan is currently out of stock. Instead, we will be shipping the previous "Indoor" cured stock which is darker in color and earthier in flavor but has a similar (though not identical) aroma. The normal stock will be back very soon and if you've never ordered it before and choose the indoor stuff instead, feel free to request a sample of a more representative batch when it arrives.

Sumatra White Out of Stock
The Sumatra White Vein is currently out of stock and will be either restocked or replaced altogether with an all new White Kalimantan. If you're sad to see this strain go for whatever reason, let us know.

New Batch Borneo Red Vein
We are now shipping a new batch of the Borneo Red Vein (Batch B). It is somewhat darker in color and more finely ground with familiar relaxing effects. We like it a lot. Be sure to try it out! NOTE: 25g orders may ship with previous stock unless you specify otherwise.

Holiday Related Delays
As you may have expected, there will be some shipping delays for kratom orders received during the next 2 weeks due primarily to post office closures and other random necessities. Please consult our Holiday Schedule so that you are not caught off guard. Happy Holidays!

Green Kalimantan Back in Stock
After almost a month of random delays, we've finally received a fresh new shipment of Green Kalimantan kratom this morning so it is back in stock! Order some from our products page.

New Shipment Sumatra White Vein
The Super Sumatra White Vein is back in stock. Order some from the products page.

Usual Golden Kalimantan Back In Stock
We have just received a new stock of Golden Kalimantan that is much more representative of the strain than the last batch (which had to be cured indoors due to monsoons). This batch is the usual golden tan color and has no "earthy" flavor. As always, the aroma is terrific and this product is, once again, our STAFF PICK! You can purchase some from our products page.
If you've ordered some from the last -indoor- batch (11/06-11/16) and have never tried our usual Golden Kalimantan before, feel free to
request a sample.

New Homepage Kratom Description:
The front page "blurb" about kratom (Left panel) has been upgraded to an article. This is a work in progress so there will be more information added. Citations to sources are currently in the making and will be added soon. If you have any suggestions, be sure to let us know.

New Golden Kalimantan Batch
Because of the inclement weather in Borneo, this batch was cured indoors, has a darker color and "earthy" flavor. The "aroma" is the exactly the same as the typical stuff however. A shipment of the more typical variety will be arriving next week. If you've ordered the current Golden Kali and are curious, be sure to request a sample when the next shipment arrives. Order some from our products page.

Classic Indo Discontinued
In order to make room for newer, more exciting kratom strains, we have decided to discontinue the Classic Indo for now. We will likely be replacing it with another Indo-type strain in the near future.

New Bali Batch
A new batch of Bali has arrived! We'd say it's quite nice! Almost exactly the same as the old stuff but fresher. If you've ordered this product after Oct 25, 2011, let us know what you think.

New! Green Kalimantan
We've just received a new shipment of beautiful green Kratom from the Kalimantan forests. More relaxing than the Golden Kalimantan though distinctly different from the Borneo Red. Check out it out!

All Strains Back in Stock
We have just received an "emergency" shipment of Super Borneo Red, Super Sumatra White and Super Sumatra Red while we await customs clearance of our first shipment.

New Website
If you're a returning customer, you may have noticed some major changes to our store. We hope the new site will simplify the ordering process as well as provide more information about frequently asked questions. Expect frequent updates and
help us report any bugs.

Questions or comments?

Sales Tax
As of October 13, 2011 we will be required to charge GST for non-Quebec customers and GST+PST for in province sales

Custom Variety Packs
You can now fully customize the contents of 300g and 500g bulk packs. Have it your way by selecting only the strains that you want and save by paying bulk prices!

Super Borneo and Sumatra Strains Temporarily out of stock
Our latest shipment has been sent for "analysis" by Customs and will be released soon. Meanwhile, we have another shipment coming our way from Indonesia that should be arriving sometime this week so expect the products to be available again by Friday. Meanwhile, Borneo Red and Sumatra White fans should check out the new Golden Kalimantan!

Coming Soon: Green Kalimantan!
We are awaiting a shipment of this new strain which should be arriving in the next couple of weeks. We've heard many good things about it from customers who have received samples in the past and we are excited to offer it soon as a full-fledged product in our store.
All of our kratom comes directly from experienced independent suppliers all over Indonesia and Borneo island. We have painstakingly tested countless sources and products, handpicking only the best in order to offer you our diverse lineup of outstanding kratom strains that you will not find anywhere else.

We only stock kratom that is legally harvested and exported from Indonesia (including Borneo Island) with proper agricultural quarantine certification. There is a dazzling array of different Kratom varieties across the Indonesian archipelago which easily rivals that of Thailand in aroma and diversity. While many vendors sell kratom that is grown and harvested from Indonesia as "Thai" or "Malaysian", we disagree with this misleading practice and stand by the exceptional quality of our Indonesian leaves.

Our commitment to quality starts at the source. All of our kratom is imported with full documentation and bears official phytosanitary certification after being inspected for pathogens, agricultural pests and harmful chemicals. By working closely with the producers themselves, we are able to monitor each step of the production process, ensuring consistent, uncompromising quality while offering the best prices possible to our customers.